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Our team of professionals excel in the delivery of innovative cost effect solutions tailored to meet your business goals today and designed to scale to conquer your future business objectives.
We are experts when it comes to leveraging the power of technology to maximize the return on investment (ROI) for your business Cyber footprint.

Create Amazing Websites, Mobile Apps, Software, Branding & Digital Marketing

How partnering with us, can help you?

Consistent delivery of solutions of exceptional value tailored to your business.
Consistent delivery of solutions of exceptional value tailored to your business.
Consistent delivery of solutions of exceptional value tailored to your business.
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What we can do for you

Creative Design

Build Your Brand with State-of-the-Art solutions That Launches Your Story Off the Screen.

Web Development

Your Cyber Footprint is all Encompassing because You only get ONE Shot at a First Impressions!

Digital Marketing

Digital / Social Media Marketing is one of the keys to reaching your target audience.

SEO Services

Our SEO team helps your website stay on top of standard search engines and appear in front of your target audience.

App Development

There are more than 3.5 billion Smartphone users worldwide. In Todays Market Place Better than 75% of customer leads are generated from a mobile device.

Lead Generation

We provide best lead generation services for every niche! Cost-efficient and effective lead through best digital marketing services.

Content Writing

Content is a voice people don’t hear but understands instantly. It’s a key ingredient where the initial search begins.

App eCommerce

Do you already sell offline or planning to launch your Online eCommerce Business? We've got you covered.

Website Traffic

The number of visitors on your website and the conversion to customers is how we measure our efforts.


A small, veteran- and minority-owned business, the team members of CBT solutions group have contributed not only to the defense of this country they have also been at the fore front of the evolution of technology across both the public and private business sectors across the globe.
The leadership team of CBT Solutions has more than 100 years combined experience in the technology solutions arena.
It was crystal CLEAR the next logical step in our evolution was the merging of our experiences as BUSINESS services providers with our common passion for delivering world class TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS that make it all possible.

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What's keeping you up at night? If any of these things, have you tossing and turning

Data Security

Data is the life blood of every business. Have you been hacked? Do you worry about ransom wear attacks? WORRY NO MORE. Our security management team will provide you with world class solutions tailored to the needs of your business.

Under Performing Website

Does your website feel like a money pit? You have seen little to no increase in customer leads? Our Digital marketing team can turn things around for you in as little as 60 days.

System Outago Destroy Your Labro Costs

When you have to task members of your business to recovery efforts after a disruptive event or disaster, it only drives up your labor costs even more. Our team will deliver DR processes to minimize time objectives.

Your Business Processes Slow as Molases

Over time you have made changes to this process or that process to create a work around for one problem or another. Over time those work arounds slow your services to crawl. Our teams are experts in process reengineering and design.

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